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CPN Unlimited can assist you with the following services.

Credit Evaluations

Credit Privacy Number Filings

Trade Line back-dated credit history

Inquiry Removals

Cert. Private Number

Providing results is what we do best! We thrive on being the Industry Leader and you will not find another company populating higher FICO Scores.

After your Credit Privacy Number is populated with each credit agency and you have the minimum amount of back-dated credit history reporting (positive trade line accounts), your new credit profile would then be established and ready for use.

Example Report Scores*

Experian 720-840 (CPN and 1 Account)
TransUnion 720-820 (CPN and 1 Account)
Equifax 720-780 (CPN and 1 Account)
Account Posting Dates:

Please see our Trade Line page

For Credit Privacy Number filings:

You need to first make the $300.00 payment submit the PERSONAL CPN BUSINESS CONTRACT AGREEMENT before can fill your credit privacy number. Once has received the payment & signed agreement this is the only time your CPN can & will be process. You will receive a confirmation via email/phone/fax/letter. Process may take up to 3-5 business days.

Credit Evaluations                                  FREE (Please email your credit report to
Credit Privacy Number filing                        $300.00
Back-dated Credit History (per trade line)           EMAIL or CALL*
Inquiry Removal                                     EMAIL or CALL*

Payments can be made by…

– Bank Deposit – PayPal “additional 5% fee”

– Bank Wire – Credit Card “additional 5% fee”

– Cashier’s Check

For all our services, your payment must be received prior to initiating any service. The above payment methods are applicable to make a payment.

*Back-dated Credit History accounts are sold First Come, First Served.

Credit Evaluations, please email:

  • A recent Credit Report (within 30 days)
  • Contact Info (email & phone number)

For Credit Privacy Number Filings, please have the following:
– Alternate Address*

  • New E-mail (optional)
  • New phone number (optional)
  • Copy of ID or DL


*The Alternate data must be new (never been used on a previous credit application).